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By the Numbers
Ten Hacks for Mental Control That Every Human Being Should Know

It’s your brain, after all, and it's still the most sophisticated device we know of. Why shouldn’t you be the exclusive user?
10 Historic Trees in the Torah

Let’s take a moment to explore 10 wonderful trees (or groves) whose stories are woven into the familiar (and not so familiar) narratives of the Torah.
Six Lessons I Learned From a Special Mother of a Special Child

The world has lost a rare gem, and we miss her terribly. However, we know that her soul lives on, and the greatest tribute we can give to Nechama is to emulate her kindness, gratitude, faith in each child, and her positivity and trust in G‑d.
Seeing the Sounds

Sinai was a spiritual revelation that changed the way the Jews perceived the meaning of existence.
Learning to Delegate

When you delegate thoughtfully, you turn delegates into partners, not just employees.
Yitro Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Yitro.
My Journey From Pakistani Muslim to Jerusalemite Jew

My parents were secular Muslims who respected their religion; we all prayed and observed the holidays and some of the fasts. I turned out to be the most religious of the four daughters
How to Reduce the Volatility of Financial Conversations

You want peace. Your spouse wants peace. And so does G‑d. So, how can you achieve peace and harmony around the topic that seems to rival the stock market’s volatility?
From the Front Lines: A Rebbe Revealed

Chapter 23 of Positivity Bias
The Buckwheat Seller's Secret

Reb Avraham was known to be a kind but a simple and almost illiterate Jew, barely able to follow the prayers or read Tehillim.
The people of Israel set their calendar by the moon, because they are the moon of the world
— Zohar
Print Magazine

“Love G-d and serve Him with all your heart.”
—Deuteronomy 11:13.

What is a service that is performed within the heart? This could only be speaking of prayer.
—Talmud Taanit 2a.

Prayer means that when your heart bursts with pain, pour it out to Him.

When it yearns, speak to Him about that which you yearn...