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Keep Laughing

Why would Abraham and Sarah choose the name “laughter” for their child, who was destined to be a deeply spiritual person and a patriarch of the Jewish people?
Esau the Transformer

Esau was the bad guy, right? So why did his father, the patriarch Isaac, prefer him over his saintly brother Jacob?
Toldot Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Toldot.
By the Numbers
6 Steps to Improving Your Relationship With Your Spouse

We have the ability to perceive any person and any situation in a positive way, if we choose to do so.
Advice for Life

Chapter 17 of Positivity Bias
Your Questions
Why Is Eating Melaveh Malkah Important?

The sages in the Talmud tell us to “always set the table after Shabbat even to eat small amount of food." Here's why.
New Feature
Two Contradictory Rabbinic Enactments?

Maimonides' Mishneh Torah Week by Week - Article 1 (Mechirah, Chapters 1-8)
Personal Experiences
I Never Knew I Was G-d’s Agent

The congregation was already deep into the Shabbat morning services when a little boy, dressed with a kippah and Shabbat clothing, ran into the synagogue, looked around with confusion, and ran out again.
Free Will and My Uneaten Banana in the Soviet Union

I somehow knew that my inner worth was much more significant than the treat that was offered.
The Smuggler

I am a smuggler. It is a habit that I have developed in my attempt to understand and to communicate the eternal relevance of the sacred.
The Maggid and the Informer

“Now that you mention it,” said the local slowly. “We do have one small problem. His name is Yankel the Informer. That man is too happy to linger around government officials and often betrays us to ingratiate himself with them. I doubt anything you can say will change his mind; he is a lost cause.”
Reporting From the Conference
Rustic Apple-Cranberry Galette

When a person walks along without a thought of Torah in his head, the very ground under his feet cries out: "Clod! What makes you any better than me? By what rights do you step on me?"
— Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch
Print Magazine

It’s a paradox: The greatest revelations are to be found not in meditation, study and prayer, but in the mundane world

—but only if you would rather be meditating, studying and praying.