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Lech Lecha

Your Questions
Why Stay Awake the Night Before a Brit Millah?

The custom can be traced back to the Zohar, where we read that the sages stayed up learning Torah the night before a circumcision.
Patient Autonomy & Right to Refuse Treatment in Jewish Law

The patient adamantly refuses treatment, preferring to die. Would halachah sanction his request?
Lech Lecha Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Lech Lecha.
The Three Altars of Love

Who was Abraham? What did he stand for? What does he teach us?
The Secret Soviet Circumcision

Jews chose to either continue practicing in secret or simply surrender their heritage altogether.
How (Not) to Fight Evil

Chapter 14 of Positivity Bias
Three Life Lessons My Israeli Midwives Taught Me

When I first moved to Israel with my husband and three children, I was apprehensive at the thought of giving birth in a new country. Thankfully, I was in for a pleasant surprise.
Why This Is Not Going to Break You, but Make You!

Within this month exists the potential for bountiful blessings.
Celebrating My First True Shabbat

The intimacy and grace of this shared Shabbat—my very first true celebration of Shabbat—cannot be adequately expressed. My husband and I were welcomed into this observant household with no preconceived expectations. We were simply welcomed.
Basil Vinaigrette

Jewish Rock

Our road in this world is like the edge of a knife: on this side is an abyss, and on that side is an abyss, and the path of our life is in the middle
— Chassidic master Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sassov
Print Magazine

When you come to a place that seems outside of G‑d’s realm, too coarse for light to enter, and you want to run away—

—know that there is no place outside of G‑d, not even this place, and rejoice in your task of uncovering Him there.