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Who Was Nathan the Prophet?

Nathan was a prominent prophet during the reign of King David and King Solomon.
The Jewish Ethics of Medical Confidentiality

How does Jewish law approach this topic? What are the expectations, and in what circumstances can confidentiality be overridden?
How Much Do You Know About Famous Rabbis?
Answer these 9 questions and see how much you know about great rabbis who shaped Jewish history
How Positivity Affects Our Goals

While there are exceptions to the rule, when motivation to change stems merely from wanting to avoid a bad outcome, rather than obtaining a good result, the change is usually temporary.
Sotah: The Biblical Wayward Wife

The sotah episode is a metaphor for any time we stray in our personal relationships or with G‑d.
My Daughter, Her Bat Mitzvah and Why I Admire Her

She’s a Jewish woman and she’s proud of it, and it is and will be her decision to choose. What is she choosing? A life of connection and purpose that also tells you a way to act, a way to dress, a way to speak, a way to live.
Art: Shabbat Shalom

The Torah that Moses commanded us is the inheritance of the congregation of Jacob
— Deuteronomy 33:4
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We all suffer a maddening delusion of being something separate from G‑d. The delusion of “I.”

We cannot heal it, because yes, we exist, for He created us.

We cannot live with it, because this chilling notion of otherness is a denial of the truth.

But we can resolve it in the act of learning Torah. In learning Torah...

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