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By the Numbers
10 Sivan Facts Every Jew Should Know

Counting from the springtime month of Nisan, Sivan is the third month on the calendar.
Eleven Shavuot Facts Every Jew Should Know

Every year on Shavuot we renew our acceptance of the Torah, and G‑d “re-gives” it to us anew.
America’s White Militant Neo-Antisemitism

Vital Answers in Simple Words
What It’s Like to Be the Only Rabbi on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

Young rabbi returned to build Jewish community in area where he was raised
The Prince and the Pretty Maiden

A good teacher is one that can turn a bad trait into a good one.
The Merchants & Scholar

Shavuot Readings
How to Tap Into the Sounds of Silence

Too much of our world seems dense and impervious to any glimmer or shard of light. But that nucleus remains. In each of our souls. In each kernel of creation.
"Wealth and riches are in his home, and his charity endures forever" (Psalms 112:3) -- this refers to one who writes books and loans them out to others
— Talmud, Ketubot 50a
Print Magazine

People imagine that since G‑d is not physical, therefore He must be in heaven. But the heavens—and all things spiritual—are just as much creations as the earth. Less dissonant, more harmonious, more lucid—but finite realms nonetheless.

G‑d is not found in a place because it is big enough to contain Him or so magnificent...