Chanukah Stories
Chanukah 1944 in Buchenwald

We felt that a little Hanukkah light would warm our starving souls and inspire us with hope, faith, and courage
The Little Boy Who Discovered His Holiday Light

One frosty morning in December, the children from Joshie’s class were led to a bus and dropped off with their teachers in the busy downtown area of their city. Their goal was to show the children the holiday season’s displays and the intricately decorated shop windows.
The Miracle of Bubbie's Menorah

She is a small woman, barely five feet tall. Her two feet tall candelabra was more than just a candle-holder
Chanukah Learning
Why Do We Play With a Dreidel (Top) on Chanukah?

The common reason is that the simple little top was used during the Chanukah era to preserve Judaism.
Freedom and the Immediacy of Chanukah Light

There are people who consider Chanukah, a holiday that isn’t even mentioned in the Torah, to be a relatively minor one.
Chanukah: Masters of Inner Light

How does it feel to be a tzadik?
Finding G-d in a Bottle of Olive Oil

I wonder if we’ve become so used to miracles that we almost take them for granted.
By the Numbers
6 Myths and Facts About Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam means healing, improving and perfecting the world. The notion has hit a wave of controversy lately. So here’s a few major points to clear up.
Joseph the Charmer

Woven throughout the story of Joseph’s life are dreams and their interpretations.
How Did Joseph Become the Most Politically Powerful Jew in History?

How did Joseph have the proper leadership skills to be the most politically powerful Jew of all time?
Crispy Carrot-Parsnip Latkes

It is only by G‑d's kindness towards us that we may occasionally sense G‑dliness spontaneously, without having done anything to attain it...
— Hayom Yom, Tammuz 20
Print Magazine

“G‑d said to Jacob: I am the G‑d of your fathers. Do not fear descending to Egypt . . .” (Genesis 46:3)

The pain is real. The fear is not.

The pain is real, because we are not in our true place. Nothing is in its true place. It is called exile.

The fear is not real, because no matter where we are, our G‑d is still...