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Where Is the Garden of Eden?

Where Is the Garden of Eden located? Learn the literal as well as esoteric answer to this age-old question.
Missing Kaddish and Yahrzeit

I love my dad very much and I want to pay him the proper respect. Am I allowed to travel to the show if I know that I possibly won’t find a minyan there to say kaddish on his yahrtzeit?
By the Numbers
13 Super Polite Yiddish Words and Terms of Endearment
Yiddish is a beautiful language, replete with compliments, terms of endearment, and gentle wisdom. Here are our top 13 Yiddish words to use when you want to be nice.
The Power of Feminine Beauty—And How to Protect It

G‑d created Adam and Eve unclothed, and they walked around the Garden of Eden . . . naked. If public nudity was fine with G‑d, why does the Torah tell us to be modest, to cover up, to subdue our natural allure? What changed?
Where Are You Is a Very Good Question

“Why” questions are often less of a genuine inquiry into the truth of the matter and more like veiled accusations and criticism.
Jewish News
The Obstinate Rabbi

The Rabbi sighed. "You don't know what a difficult time I've been having with the stubborn people here. Ever since I got back, they've been under the delusion that Shabbat is a day later, and I can't seem to convince them"
From the time that man ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, there is a great jumble in the universe: there is no good without some evil mixed in, and no evil without good
— Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
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This goal, when will we reach it?

It was once far, but now it is near.

When will we hold it in our hands?

When we will open our eyes to see it is already here.

—among the last teachings we heard from the Rebbe.