By the Numbers
10 Facts About the Hebrew Language Every Jew Should Know

Hebrew has evolved over time. Stay up to date with the facts about this ancient language.
Your Questions
Is It Kosher to Take the Law Into My Own Hands?

Am I allowed to just take it (using force if necessary), or am I obligated to get permission?
What to Do When Others Disappoint

While those around you may or may not be working to change, let’s examine four productive things you can do to help you deal with your family members’ foibles
Phinehas: The Zealot of the Bible

Phinehas was brazenly zealous when he slayed Zimri, the licentious leader of the tribe of Simeon.
Practicing Unilateral Virtue in the Face of Evil

The very purpose of negativity is for us to change it. We change “it,” however, when we change ourselves.
Four Quick Insights From the Rebbe on the Parshah

Enjoy four short thoughts, adapted from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, on Parshat Pinchas.
Jewish News
Chabad Opens Its Doors in Barbados, 11th Center in Caribbean

Locals and tourists find kosher food, Jewish resources and a personal touch.
Why Did G-d Give Me More Time to Live?

Why do I have to endure such pain and disability? For what reason had G‑d given me more time?
Before You Get Angry … Stop! Look! Listen!

How many times do I jump to conclusions without giving the other person even a chance to show me or explain to me what they are really doing?
Two Bagels

The commander of the Bavarian troops stepped forward, fell to one knee before the Emperor and said: "I ask for autonomy for Bavaria!" "Liberty it shall be!" shouted Bonaparte
Art: Jerusalem Watercolor

There is nothing higher than pleasure
— Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation)
Print Magazine

If you think about yourself all day, you are guaranteed to become depressed.

Take time each day to think about those who need you.

Not about what you need, but about who needs you.