Chapter 69

1For the conductor, on shoshannim, of David.   אלַֽמְנַצֵּ֬חַ עַל־שֽׁוֹשַׁנִּ֬ים לְדָוִֽד:
on shoshannim: Concerning Israel, who are like a rose (שושנה) among the thorns, pricked by the thorns, and he prayed for them.  
2Save me, O God, for water has come up to my soul.   בהֽוֹשִׁיעֵ֥נִי אֱלֹהִ֑ים כִּ֚י בָ֖אוּ מַ֣יִם עַד־נָֽפֶשׁ:
for water has come up: the nations.  
3I have sunk in muddy depths and there is no place to stand; I have come into the deep water, and the current has swept me away.   גטָבַ֚עְתִּי בִּיוֵ֣ן מְ֖צוּלָה וְאֵ֣ין מָֽעֳמָ֑ד בָּ֥אתִי בְמַֽעֲמַקֵּי־מַ֜֗יִם וְשִׁבֹּ֥לֶת שְׁטָפָֽתְנִי:
in muddy depths: In the mire, the mud of the deep.  
and the current: That is the flood of the strength of the river, fil in Old French, current.  
4I have become weary from calling out; my throat has become parched; my eyes fail while I wait for my God.   דיָגַ֣עְתִּי בְקָרְאִי֘ נִחַ֪ר גְּר֫וֹנִ֥י כָּל֥וּ עֵינָ֑י מְ֜יַחֵ֗ל לֵֽאלֹהָֽי:
has become parched: Heb. נחר, dry, as (Job 30:30): “are burned (חרה) with heat.”  
my eyes fail: Any drawn-out hope is called “failure of the eyes,” as (Deut. 28:32): “and pine after them all day” . [Similarly] (Lev. 26:16): “that cause the eyes to pine away” ; (Job 11:20), “and the eyes of the wicked will pine away.”  
5Those who hate me for nothing are more numerous than the hairs of my head; mighty are those who would cut me off, who are my enemies because of lies; what I did not steal, I will then return.   הרַבּ֚וּ | מִשַּֽׂעֲר֣וֹת רֹאשִׁי֘ שֽׂנְאַ֪י חִ֫נָּ֥ם עָֽצְמ֣וּ מַ֖צְמִיתַי אֹֽיְבַ֣י שֶׁ֑קֶר אֲשֶׁ֥ר לֹֽא־גָ֜זַ֗לְתִּי אָ֣ז אָשִֽׁיב:
who are my enemies because of lies: They hate me because of a lie, because I do not pursue their lies to adopt their error.  
I will then return: When they gather against me, I bribe them with money that I did not steal from them.  
6O God, You know my folly, and my acts of guilt are not concealed from You.   ואֱֽלֹהִ֗ים אַתָּ֣ה יָדַ֣עְתָּ לְאִוַּלְתִּ֑י וְ֜אַשְׁמוֹתַ֗י מִמְּךָ֥ לֹֽא־נִכְחָֽדוּ:
7Do not let those who hope for You be shamed through me, O Lord God of Hosts; let those who seek You not be disgraced through me, O God of Israel.   זאַל־יֵ֘בֹ֚שׁוּ בִ֨י | קוֶֹיךָ֘ אֲדֹנָ֥י יֱהֹוִ֗ה צְבָ֫א֥וֹת אַל־יִכָּֽלְמ֣וּ בִ֣י מְבַקְשֶׁ֑יךָ אֱ֜לֹהֵ֗י יִשְׂרָאֵֽל:
Do not let those who hope for You be shamed: Do not leave me in their hands lest those who hope for You be shamed by what happens to me and say, “Didn’t that happen to one who hopes to the Holy One, blessed be He?”  
8For I have borne humiliation because of You; disgrace has covered my face.   חכִּֽי־עָ֖לֶיךָ נָשָׂ֣אתִי חֶרְפָּ֑ה כִּסְּתָ֖ה כְלִמָּ֣ה פָנָֽי:
9I was strange to my brothers, and alien to the sons of my mother.   טמוּזָר הָיִ֣יתִי לְאֶחָ֑י וְ֜נָכְרִ֗י לִבְנֵ֥י אִמִּֽי:
to my brothers: To Esau.  
10For the envy of Your house has consumed me, and the humiliations of those who blaspheme You have fallen upon me.   יכִּֽי־קִנְאַ֣ת בֵּֽיתְךָ֣ אֲכָלָ֑תְנִי וְחֶרְפּ֥וֹת חֽ֜וֹרְפֶ֗יךָ נָֽפְל֥וּ עָלָֽי:
the envy of Your house: They saw the love that You showed us when Your house was still existing, and they envied me.  
11And I bewailed my soul in fast, and it was a disgrace for me.   יאוָֽאֶבְכֶּ֣ה בַצּ֣וֹם נַפְשִׁ֑י וַתְּהִ֖י לַֽחֲרָפ֣וֹת לִֽי:
And I bewailed my soul in fast: In my fast.  
and it was a disgrace for me: When I weep and fast before You, they mock me.  
12And I made sackcloth my raiment, and I became a byword to them.   יבוָֽאֶתְּנָ֣ה לְבוּשִׁ֣י שָׂ֑ק וָֽאֱהִ֖י לָהֶ֣ם לְמָשָֽׁל:
13They talk about me, those who sit in the gate, and [they make] melodies [about me] for those who imbibe strong drink.   יגיָשִׂ֣יחוּ בִ֖י י֣שְׁבֵי שָׁ֑עַר וּ֜נְגִינ֗וֹת שׁוֹתֵ֥י שֵׁכָֽר:
and melodies: they made of me for those who imbibe strong drink.  
14But, as for me, may my prayer to You, O Lord, be in an acceptable time. O God, with Your abundant kindness, answer me with the truth of Your salvation.   ידוַֽאֲנִ֚י תְפִלָּתִ֥י לְךָ֨ | יְהֹוָ֡ה עֵ֚ת רָצ֗וֹן אֱלֹהִ֥ים בְּרָב־חַסְדֶּ֑ךָ עֲ֜נֵ֗נִי בֶּֽאֱמֶ֥ת יִשְׁעֶֽךָ:
But, as for me, may my prayer to You, O Lord, be: may the time of my prayer be a desirable time.  
15Save me from mud that I not sink, that I be saved from my enemies and from the depths of water.   טוהַצִּילֵ֣נִי מִ֖טִּיט וְאַל־אֶטְבָּ֑עָה אִנָּֽצְלָ֥ה מִ֜שּֽׂנְאַ֗י וּמִמַּֽעֲמַקֵּי־מָֽיִם:
16Let neither the current of water sweep me away, nor the deep swallow me, and let a well not close its mouth over me.   טזאַל־תִּשְׁטְפֵ֚נִי | שִׁבֹּ֣לֶת מַ֖יִם וְאַל־תִּבְלָעֵ֣נִי מְצוּלָ֑ה וְאַל־תֶּאְטַ֥ר עָ֜לַ֗י בְּאֵ֣ר פִּֽיהָ:
and let not… close: And let it not close over me.  
a well: This strange trouble [shall not close] its mouth to swallow me up.  
close: Heb. תאטר, as (Jud. 3:15): “with a shriveled (אטר) right hand” that he does not use it.  
17Answer me, O Lord, for Your kindness is good; according to Your abundant mercies, turn to me.   יזעֲנֵ֣נִי יְ֖הֹוָה כִּי־ט֣וֹב חַסְדֶּ֑ךָ כְּרֹ֥ב רַֽ֜חֲמֶ֗יךָ פְּנֵ֣ה אֵלָֽי:
18And do not hide Your face from Your servant, because I am distressed, hasten to answer me.   יחוְאַל־תַּסְתֵּ֣ר פָּ֖נֶיךָ מֵֽעַבְדֶּ֑ךָ כִּֽי־צַר־לִ֜֗י מַהֵ֥ר עֲנֵֽנִי:
19Come close to my soul, redeem it; because of my enemies, redeem me.   יטקָרְבָ֣ה אֶל־נַפְשִׁ֣י גְאָלָ֑הּ לְמַ֖עַן אֹֽיְבַ֣י פְּדֵֽנִי:
Come close to my soul: (Come close to me.)  
redeem it: Heb. גאלה, [equivalent to] גְאוֹל אוֹתָה.  
20You know my humiliation, my shame, and my disgrace; all my oppressors are before You.   כאַתָּ֬ה יָדַ֗עְתָּ חֶרְפָּתִ֣י וּ֖בָשְׁתִּי וּכְלִמָּתִ֑י נֶ֜גְדְּךָ֗ כָּל־צֽוֹרְרָֽי:
21Humiliation has broken my heart and I have become ill; I hoped for sympathy but there was none, and for comforters but I found none.   כאחֶרְפָּ֚ה | שָֽׁבְרָ֥ה לִבִּ֗י וָֽאָנ֥֫וּשָׁה וָֽאֲקַוֶּ֣ה לָנ֣וּד וָאַ֑יִן וְ֜לַֽמְנַֽחֲמִ֗ים וְלֹ֣א מָצָֽאתִי:
and I have become ill: Heb. ואנושה, I am ailing and sick, as (Micah 1:9): “For she is mortally ill (אנושה) [from] her wounds,” and as (II Sam. 12:15): “and the child (sic) became mortally ill (ויאנש) ,” of Bathsheba. Now if you ask how this “aleph” serves as a radical and also as a prefix denoting the first person, this is the way of a word beginning with “aleph.” For example, (Mal. 1:2): “and I loved (וָאֹהַב) Jacob” ; (Prov. 8:17), “I will love (אֵהָב) those who love me.” It is equivalent to וָאֶאֶהַב Similarly, (Zeph. 1:2): “I will totally destroy (אָסֹף אָסֵף),” like אֶאֶסֹף.  
for sympathy: Heb. לנוד, to shake. That friends should come to me to shake [their heads] over me and to comfort me.  
22They put gall into my food and for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.   כבוַיִּתְּנ֣וּ בְּבָֽרוּתִ֣י רֹ֑אשׁ וְ֜לִצְמָאִ֗י יַשְׁק֥וּנִי חֹֽמֶץ:
into my food: Heb. בברותי, into my food, as (II Sam. 13:6): “Let my sister Tamar come now, etc., that I may eat (ואברה) from her hand.”  
23May their table before them become a trap, and [their hope] for peace become a snare.   כגיְהִ֤י שֻׁלְחָנָ֣ם לִפְנֵיהֶ֣ם לְפָ֑ח וְלִשְׁלוֹמִ֥ים לְמוֹקֵֽשׁ:
and for peace: When they hope for peace, may their peace be turned into a snare.  
24May their eyes become dark, so they cannot see; constantly cause their loins to slip.   כדתֶּחְשַׁ֣כְנָה עֵֽ֖ינֵיהֶם מֵֽרְא֑וֹת וּ֜מָתְנֵיהֶ֗ם תָּמִ֥יד הַמְעַֽד:
25Pour out Your fury upon them, and may Your burning wrath overtake them.   כהשְׁפָךְ־עֲלֵיהֶ֥ם זַעְמֶּ֑ךָ וַֽחֲר֥וֹן אַ֜פְּךָ֗ יַשִּׂיגֵֽם:
26May their palace be desolate; in their tents let there be no dweller.   כותְּהִי־טִֽירָתָ֥ם נְשַׁמָּ֑ה בְּ֜אָֽהֳלֵיהֶ֗ם אַל־יְהִ֥י יֹשֵֽׁב:
27For You-those whom You smote they pursued, and about the pain of those whom You wounded they tell.   כזכִּֽי־ אַ֖תָּה אֲשֶׁר־הִכִּ֣יתָ רָדָ֑פוּ וְאֶל־מַכְא֖וֹב חֲלָלֶ֣יךָ יְסַפֵּֽרוּ:
For: this nation, which You smote.  
they pursued: For You were a little angry, and they helped cause harm.  
and about the pain of those whom You wounded they tell: their words, to plot: “Let us destroy them while they are in pain.”  
28Add iniquity to their iniquity, and let them not come into Your charity.   כחתְּֽנָה־ עָ֖ו‍ֹן עַל־עֲו‍ֹנָ֑ם וְאַל־יָ֜בֹ֗אוּ בְּצִדְקָתֶֽךָ:
29May they be erased from the book of life, and may they not be inscribed with the righteous.   כטיִמָּחֽוּ מִסֵּ֣פֶר חַיִּ֑ים וְעִם־צַ֜דִּיקִ֗ים אַל־יִכָּתֵֽבוּ:
30But I am poor and in pain; may Your salvation, O God, exalt me.   לוַֽאֲנִי עָנִ֣י וְכוֹאֵ֑ב יְשׁוּעָֽתְךָ֖ אֱלֹהִ֣ים תְּשַׂגְּבֵֽנִי:
31I shall praise the name of God with song, and I shall magnify Him with a thanksgiving offering.   לאאֲהַֽלְלָ֣ה שֵׁם־אֱלֹהִ֣ים בְּשִׁ֑יר וַֽאֲגַדְּלֶ֥נּוּ בְתוֹדָֽה:
32And it will appeal to the Lord more than a young bull that is mature, with horns and hooves.   לבוְתִיטַ֣ב לַֽ֖יהֹוָה מִשּׁ֥וֹר פָּ֗ר מַקְרִ֥ן מַפְרִֽיס:
And it will appeal to the Lord: My praise to the Lord.  
more than a young bull that is mature: That is the bull sacrificed by Adam, which was created at its height. On the day it was called שּׁוֹר, on that very day, he brought it, for a bull on day of its birth is called שּׁוֹר, as it is said (Lev. 22:27): “A bull (שור), a lamb, or a goat, that is born.” On that very day, it resembled a פַּר, which is a three-year old.  
with horns and hooves: Its horns preceded its hooves, because it was created at its height with its horns, and its head emerged from the ground first; the earth thrust them forth in the manner in which all creatures are born, so that its horns preceded its feet.  
33When the humble see, they rejoice, yea, those who seek God, and your heart will be invigorated.   לגרָא֣וּ עֲנָוִ֣ים יִשְׂמָ֑חוּ דֹּֽרְשֵׁ֥י אֱ֜לֹהִ֗ים וִיחִ֥י לְבַבְכֶֽם:
34For God hearkens to the needy, and He does not despise His prisoners.   לדכִּֽי־שֹׁמֵ֖עַ אֶל־אֶבְיוֹנִ֥ים | יְהֹוָ֑ה וְאֶת־אֲ֜סִירָ֗יו לֹ֣א בָזָֽה:
35Heaven and earth will praise Him, the seas and everything that moves therein,   להיְֽהַלְלוּהוּ שָׁמַ֣יִם וָאָ֑רֶץ יַ֜מִּ֗ים וְכָל־רֹמֵ֥שׂ בָּֽם:
36When God saves Zion and builds the cities of Judah, and they dwell there and take possession of it.   לוכִּ֚י אֱלֹהִ֨ים | י֘וֹשִׁ֚יעַ צִיּ֗וֹן וְ֖יִבְנֶה עָרֵ֣י יְהוּדָ֑ה וְיָ֥שְׁבוּ שָׁ֜֗ם וִֽירֵשֽׁוּהָ:
37And the seed of His servants inherit it, and those who love His name dwell therein.   לזוְזֶֽרַע־עֲ֖בָדָ֥יו יִנְחָל֑וּהָ וְאֹֽ֘הֲבֵ֥י שְׁ֜מ֗וֹ יִשְׁכְּנוּ־בָֽהּ: