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Sukkot Q&A

From Our Ask the Rabbi Outbox

Can I Build or Take Down a Sukkah on Chol Hamoed?
The short answer is that you may both build and take down a sukkah on the intermediate days of Sukkot. But it’s not so simple.
Why No Work on Chol Hamoed?
The Talmud lists a number of sources in the Torah.
Why Can the Sukkah Walls Be Made From (Almost) Anything?
Sukkot reminds us that we are continually in G-d’s warm embrace, enveloped by His infinite love.
Can I Tie Down the Sechach?
Some sechach blew off during Sukkot. I was wondering if I can just tie it down with string. When I asked (and looked on the Internet), I got mixed replies.
Take the Lulav and Etrog Quiz
Take this quiz to see how much you know about the Lulav and Etrog!
Why Is the Sukkah Covered With Plant Material (Schach)?
The holiday is celebrated with materials typically left on a threshing floor or winepress, such as straw, stalks, and reeds.
Take the Sukkot Quiz
Take these 10 questions to see how well you know the joyous holiday of Sukkot.
Why an Italian Etrog?
Many, including Chabad, prefer “Calabria etrogim,” grown on the southern Italian coast in the region of Calabria. Why are these etrogim so prized?
Why Stay in the Sukkah When It is Raining?
And Why Some People Love Eating in a Wet Sukkah
If sitting in the sukkah bothers you, like in wet weather, you can leave and eat inside the house.Nevertheless, many people refuse to eat outside of the sukkah. When you understand what the sukkah is, you'll see why.
What's the Meaning of the Sukkah?
The sukkah serves to remind us of our humble beginnings as a fledgling nation, when we did not have any permanent dwellings and had to live in simple huts.
What Is an Etrog?
An etrog is a yellow (or lime-colored) citrus fruit used by Jews during the week-long holiday of Sukkot as one of the Four Species.
Do I have to sleep in the sukkah?
It appears that that at least since the 13th century the common practice is to sleep indoors...
Can I use corn stalks to cover a Sukkah?
The sukkah covering must provide enough cover so that when the sun is shining overhead there is more shade than sun in the sukkah...
Why Is Sukkot Celebrated in the Autumn?
After filling the storehouses with the summer harvest, a person might feel confident about his financial situation, and forget the Creator who supplied him with all this material wealth.
What Are Kreplach?
The traditional triangular pieces of dough filled with ground meat or chicken, similar to dumplings.
What Should I Do with My Holiday Lulav and Etrog Set?
At the suggestion of my Chabad rabbi, I decided that I want to have my own lulav and etrog set for the holiday of Sukkot, so that my entire family can take part in the observance. When the holiday is over, should I just throw it in the garbage?
Seeing the Stars Through the Sukkah Hut?
I was told that one is supposed to be able to see the stars through the roof of their sukkah hut. What is the reason for this, and why have I seen sukkahs that have very thick covering of greenery for their roofs?
Why Purchase Expensive Items for Jewish Holidays?
I don’t get it. Someone in the synagogue told me that he spent over a hundred dollars on his lulav and etrog set for the holiday of Sukkot.
Why Do We Shake the Lulav and Etrog?
Why not just hold them together for a moment without moving?
What is the shaking of the lulav and etrog in six directions all about?
Shabbat Candles in the Sukkah
For Sukkot, it is customary for the candles to be lit in the Sukkah.
Got the Post-Yom Kippur Blues?
Every year I get all inspired. But somehow it dissipates pretty quickly . . .
Why Is Sukkot Happier Than Any Other Jewish Holiday?
Passover is the "Season of Our Liberation," Shavuot is the "Season of the Giving of Our Torah" and Sukkot is described simply as the "Season of Our Rejoicing!"
Is Rain on Sukkot a Bad Omen?
The Mishnah analogizes rain on Sukkot to a servant who comes to pour wine for his master, and the master pours a jug of water in his face. Here is what this means for those of us who experience rain almost every Sukkot
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