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Practical Sukkot Info

How is Sukkot celebrated? Our user-friemdly guides to this joyous holidays are easy to follow. Learn how to make a Sukkah, assemble your Four Kinds, and much more...

Sukkot Calendar
An overview of Sukkot 5784
A practical holiday calendar which will lead you through every day of the holiday's mitzvot, rituals, and customs. Print it out for handy reference . . .
How to Build a Sukkah
The basics of building a sukkah and living inside it
This sukkah guide will lead you through the fun mitzvah of building and dwelling in a sukkah—from the permitted and required components in its structure, to the basic rules of living in the sukkah.
How to Select the Best Lulav and Etrog
Become a knowledgeable Four Kinds consumer!
For the adventuresome folks who wish to venture into the uncharted waters of the Four Kinds market, here are some basic guidelines and tips that, when followed, will allow you to be a relatively knowledgeable consumer.
Sukkot & Simchat Torah Event Directory
Find a joyous Sukkot or Simchat Torah event in your area
Looking for a place to celebrate Sukkot or Simchat Torah? Find community Sukkot dinners, public sukkahs, celebrations, hakafot and more.
How To Celebrate Sukkot
The basic Sukkot observances, with links leading to more information.
What You Need to Know About Eating in the Sukkah
Confused about the specifics of the mitzvah to eat in the Sukkah? We've got you covered.
13 Facts About the Four Species (Lulav and Etrog) Every Jew Should Know
Learn about this special mitzvah, which is performed every day of Sukkot (besides Shabbat).
Sukkology 101
Sukkology 101
Instead of a list of dos and don’ts, we start with five simple rules and learn how they unfold as a harmony of wisdom in a physical structure.
What to Expect at a Sukkot Meal in a Sukkah
So you’ve been invited to a Sukkot holiday meal. What can you expect?
13 Facts About Sukkot Every Jew Should Know
Sukkot is a weeklong festival celebrated by dwelling in the sukkah, taking the lulav and etrog and joyous feasting.
As well as some basic guidelines
10 Tips for an Amazing Sukkot @ Home
You can create an over-the-top joyous Sukkot at home, one to remember fondly long after the pandemic has been relegated to the dusty annals of history.
The Ultimate Sukkot Celebration
Your DIY guide to hosting your own Simchat Beit Hashoeva event
How to Build a COVID-Safe Sukkah
With the right planning, you can make a sukkah that conforms to outdoor-dining regulations.
With page numbers for the Kehot Annotated Siddur
With page numbers for the Kehot Annotated Siddur
With page numbers for the Kehot Annotated Siddur
Kiddush for the Evenings of Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot
Translation of Kiddush for the Evenings of Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot
14 Sukkah Facts Every Jew Should Know
The sukkah is the space where we spend as much time as possible during the holiday of Sukkot. Covered with organic material, it reminds us of G-d's kindness in generations past and in the present times.
The traditional holiday greetings
11 Hoshanah Rabbah Facts Every Jew Should Know
Explore Sukkot's climax by learning about Hoshanah Rabbah, its rituals, and its significance.
Take the Chol Hamoed Quiz
How well-versed are you in the traditions of Chol Hamoed? Challenge yourself with our quiz.
What Are Aravot?
Part of Sukkot's Four Species, Aravot are willow branches with spiritual significance.