The 272nd prohibition is that we are forbidden to keep false weights and measures in our home, even if they are not used for business purposes.

The source of this prohibition is G‑d's statement1 (exalted be He), "You may not keep in your pocket two different weights, one large and one small." So too,2 "[You may not keep...] two different measures."

In the words of tractate Bava Basra:3 "A person may not keep a measure which is too small or too large, even as a urinal."

Do not conclude that the two verses "You may not keep ...two different measures" and "You may not keep...two different weights" constitute two mitzvos. This is because the two statements come only to complete the laws covered by this mitzvah; to include both weight and measure. It is as if the verse says, "You may not have two different measures, whether for weight or other measurement." This is similar to what we explained by the positive commandment.4

G‑d's statement, "You may not keep in your pocket two different weights...You may not keep...two different measures" is similar to the verse,5 "Do not take interest from your brother, whether it is interest for money, interest for food, or interest for anything else for which interest is normally taken." The latter is a single prohibition with one law covering many categories.

As we explained in the 9th Introductory Principle, repetition of the phrase "do not..." does not constitute an additional mitzvah if it deals with the same action. We already had another instance of this in the 200th prohibition, "No chametz may be seen in your possession; no s'or may be seen in your possession" [which also counts as only one mitzvah].