The 182nd prohibition is that we are forbidden from eating the limb of a living animal. This applies when the limb was cut from the animal while it was still alive, and one eats a kezayis from the limb as it was in its original form.1 Even if there was only a minute amount of actual flesh, one who eats [a kezayis] is punished by lashes.

The source of this prohibition is G‑d's statement,2 "Do not eat flesh with life in it."

The Sifri says, "The verse, 'Do not eat flesh with life in it,' refers to the limb of a live animal. The same explanation is given in Gemara Chulin,3 where our Sages said, "One who eats the limb of a live animal and the flesh of a live animal receives two sets of lashes." This is because there are two prohibitions: the first being the prohibition regarding a limb, "Do not eat flesh with life in it," and the second, the prohibition of eating the flesh of a live animal, "Do not eat flesh torn off (treifa) in the field," as explained previously.4

This same prohibition is repeated in other words in G‑d's statement5 to Noah prohibiting the limb of a live animal, "But you may not eat flesh of a creature that is still alive."