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Pidyon Haben in a Minute
Firstborn Son for Sale!
Ever since the Golden Calf debacle, all male Israelite firstborn must redeem themselves in a pidyon haben ceremony from a descendant of Aaron, a.k.a a kohen.
Preparation Tips
Itemized lists of to-do tasks as well as what to bring along to the pidyon haben ceremony.
All About the Five Shekels
How much is five shekels in modern currency? And why does the firstborn child "cost" five silver shekels, why not ten or fifty?
In the Pidyon HaBen ceremony one finds a very strange dialogue between the father and the Kohen. "Which do you prefer," asks the Kohen, "your first born son, or the five silver shekels?"
Redeeming the Firstborn Son
The "Pidyon Haben"
The mitzvah of pidyon haben is to redeem the firstborn son by giving a Kohen five silver shekels when the boy becomes a month old.
The Mitzvah of Pidyon HaBen
Audio | 46:22
The Mitzvah of Pidyon HaBen
This class provides a thorough understanding of the mitzvah of redeeming the firstborn son.
A Grown Man’s Pidyon Haben
Marc (Michoel) Shudnow talks about his Jewish journey and the recent ceremony that will long be remembered
Pidyon Haben: We are commanded to “redeem” firstborn sons after they reach 30 days of age. What is the significance of this rite, and how is it done?
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