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Timeless Prayer Stories

Getting There
“That is all fine and well,” replied Rabbi DovBer’s friend, “but there remains one slight problem: I need the
merchandise . . .”
The Ladder
Their leader spotted a beautiful bird perched atop a tall tree. "Come," he said to his disciples, "I wish to capture this bird, so that we may delight in her song and gaze upon her wondrous hues"
Praying in Kharkov
His one hand held a wooden cane, the other somehow was suddenly on my shoulder. "Can you davven?" he whispered
The Prayer Book in the Soviet Labor Camp
In 1951 my father, Rabbi Moshe Greenberg, was twenty years old and a prisoner in a Soviet labor camp in Siberia. That Yom Kippur, he faithfully prayed all the day’s prayers. All, that is, except for Kol Nidrei.
The Fork in the Road
"In Vilna one was taught how to study," recalled the Rebbe. "In Mezeritch one could learn how to pray..."
The Disguised Prayer
"Doesn't a living man need a sip of brandy once in a while?” said Reb Leib. But the Rushiner interrupted. “I'm sure you realize that he's just joking," said the chassidic master. "I'll tell you the secret of l'chayim..."
The Break-In
The prayer quorum the rebbe had assembled included ruffians, burglars and other types of people of ill repute...
The Prayers in the Field
As soon as the holy day was over, the man rode into Mezhibuzh, despondent and heartbroken. But the Baal Shem greeted him full of joy
Dust and Wealth
"Is that such a terrible curse?" Rabbi Bunem pondered. "It means that the snake is never hungry. Dust is everywhere; his table is always full, no matter where he goes..."
Getting There
“That is all fine and well,” replied Rabbi DovBer’s friend, “but there remains one slight problem: I need the
merchandise . . .”
I heard the voice of my 3 year old daughter Chanah, may she live, calling to me: "Father, father, where are you…? Father, father, answer me…", repeating her call twice and three times.
The Other Side of the Prayerbook
At first, I was awed by his courage. But the next day I realized, to my horror, that this man was “renting out” the siddur to people in exchange for bread . . .
The Chassid and the Fool at the Leipzig Fair
Let us say that you wished to journey to the fair to purchase some rare merchandise. But on the way you met another merchant, who is offering the very same wares at a good price. Only a fool would say, 'But I must go to the fair
The Man Who Crossed the River with a Kerchief
"Perhaps I can help you," said the Baal Shem Tov. On small slips of paper he wrote, in simple Yiddish, "morning prayers," "addition for Mondays and Thursdays," "for Shabbat," and inserted them in the innkeeper's siddur
The Singing Heart
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