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The Rebbe on Financial Difficulty

Obstacles and Challenges
I am confident that very soon you, too, will see the happy end of this test, and be richly rewarded with "silver and gold" also in the plain sense of the word...
Setbacks Make one Stronger
I trust - on the basis of my acquaintance with you - that you are taking the present difficulty well in your stride, coping with it squarely and making the necessary structural and other improvements...
The Wheel of Fortune
In view of the all above, it is my decided opinion that you have no cause for worry, and you should be quite firm in your faith in G-d that things will improve...
Retirement When Business Fails
You have been successful in business for many years, having put to good use the capacities and talents which G‑d has bestowed upon you in a generous measure. It would therefore not be right, to say the least, not to utilize them fully in the future . . .
On Tithing Business Profits
Sometimes it is reversed, namely, G-d extends His “credit” first, increasing the turnover of business and a proportionate increase in profits, expecting confidently that the “asseir” [wealth] will follow in a commensurate measure...
Financial Success by Connecting Above
The only suggestion I can make to you is one that may appear mystical, but it has been borne out by experience and proved quite practical . . .
Charity: A Wise Business Decision
"Here is a wise Jew, who understands that this is only an attempt to test him. He also understands that when he will withstand the test, not only will his business be as prosperous as beforehand, but it will be better than before..."
Giving and Receiving
23 Cheshvan, 5751 · November 11, 1990
The Biala Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Rabinowicz, visits the Rebbe: We mustn’t “find excuses” for G-d when Jews have difficulties with their livelihood. Beseech - and demand - that He help. If Jews give charity before prayer, it will bring all good things.
The Double Month of Adar
Mr. Yoram Aridor, Israeli ambassador to the U.N. visits the Rebbe.
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