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Some Ideas for the Unemployed
You have a new job now. Your job is to get a job...
Money-Saving Tips for Families
Once we decided on a household budget, I became the Chief Financial Officer of my household, and have made it my "business" to make sure we spend our hard earned income as carefully as possible.
Employment Tips from Simcha
Whatever you're going to do, you need to like it. When they asked you when you were little, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" —That's often the line of work that's right for you!
Dealing with the Financial Crisis
If you are engaged in a job search, keep searching. If you are worried about your job, put those worries to the back of your mind and focus on doing the best job you can do...
Budgeting for Tough Times
Many people seem to have an aversion to just the word "budget." So let's call it a financial plan...
An Instant Way to Cut Spending
Congratulations, the hard part is over. Now all you have to do is: 1. Put your Green Number (in cash) into your wallet. 2. Take out all your credit cards and put them somewhere safe. 3. Enjoy your week.
Husband Won't Stick To A Budget
I am very newly married and now that we are sharing a bank account, I see for the first time that my husband is really spending more money than he should be...
Ten Tips to Save Money (Humor)
Trust me, there is no word for "disposable" in Yiddish. In fact, through her judicious use, rinsing, and re-use of aluminum foil, one of my Bubbies only used two rolls of foil during her entire life!
Elie Hirschfeld's Fitness Tips for CEOs
Pick a sport or an activity you enjoy. While many people ask which is the best activity to stay fit or to lose weight, I always suggest finding the activity you like because it is easier to stay committed...
Unemployed Husband
About nine months ago, my husband lost his job. I then started working full time and my husband has taken over some of my previous duties (car pool, dinner prep etc.). Unfortunately, he is becoming more and more angry over it, and extremely resentful...
Turning Exercise into a Priority
Find ways to fit exercise and healthy eating habits into your day no matter how busy you may be.
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