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15 Shevat Audio

A selection of classes on Tu B’Shevat that highlight its themes and expound upon its meaning

For Man is a Tree
The Talmud compares man to a fruit tree; what is the inner connection between the two?
The Tree of Our Life
The New Year of Trees has profound relevance in our lives. Discover what’s so special with trees in light of the kabbalah.
Tu Beshvat
Audio | 48:55
Tu Beshvat
This class explains the special significance of Tu B’shvat – the New Year for the trees.
Potential vs. Actual
An in-depth analysis of the Talmudic discussion between the Schools of Hillel and Shamai relating to when is the New Year for Trees.
Go Tell It to the Horses
Wheat and barley are from the 'seven kinds' that are specifically attributed to the holy land; discover their deeper dimension as related in our service of G-d.
Rabbi Schapiro on Tu B’Shevat
Three advanced Torah classes that provide in-depth insights into Tu B'Shevat.
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