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Nature & Environment

What is the Jewish view on ecology and environmentalism?

The Leaf
Absentmindedly, I tore a leaf off a passing tree. Holding it a while in my hands, I continued my thoughtful pacing, occasionally tearing small pieces of leaf and casting them to the winds.
Taking Back Tu B'Shevat
Actually, we don’t have to take it, exactly—we can share it with the kids.
Ecology and Spirituality in Jewish Tradition
Ecology is a highly practical branch of science: nothing could be more “down to earth” than preservation of the planet. Yet there is a facet of ecological awareness that is often overlooked: the spiritual dimension.
The Unity and Purposefulness of Creation
Everything has its place in the plan of creation, and it is “good.” It becomes “very good” when all the parts are working in unison.
Jewish Ecology
Why suppress human nature in favor of environmental nature? Are we not all part of the same ecological system?
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