The First Commandment
How the First Commandment, "I Am the L-rd your G‑d", and the Sixth Commandment, 'Do not kill", are one and the same

The Jealous Wife
Commandments Two and Seven: Ultimately, you will be no more and no less faithful to your spouse than you are to your G‑d — and vice versa

Tom's House and Harry's Car
"The world," states the Psalmist, "and all it contains, is G‑d's." It would seem that the Eighth Commandment is superfluous — since in the final analysis, it's not possible to steal anything

Life on the Witness Stand
To observe the Shabbat is to make a statement about G‑d's world; and making a statement about the world is a greater feat than making the world

A Blurry Line
The connection between "Honor your father and your mother" and "Do not covet... anything of your fellow's": both straddle the distinction we commonly make between the human and the divine, the physical and the metaphysical, between desire and deed