One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made in the program is the importance of “getting out of myself.” If my own life becomes overwhelming, the best thing for me to do is work with another alcoholic or addict. When I am able to put aside my issues by reaching out to help someone else in the program, I am free of the “bondage of self.”

There are many ways I’ve found to get out of myself. I can pick up the phone and call another alcoholic or addict, share at a meeting, give another recovering member a ride or volunteer to do any type of service work. By helping others, I am working Step 12. My goal is to continue to reach out so I will remain humble and gain humility.

Miracles occur daily in my life because I have the desire to stay sober. Willingness plays a huge role in my recovery. The gifts I received since I’ve been working the 12 steps have far surpassed any of my wildest dreams. Today, I am grateful to be a recovering alcoholic!