Yes, mushrooms are kosher. A mushroom is a fungus, and in general, natural fungi are kosher. Since bugs are not kosher, you should make sure that your mushrooms aren't infested with insects before eating them. Rinse the mushrooms and check a few samples to make sure that no creature calls these mushrooms "home." For this reason, the brown area under the top of portabella mushrooms should be removed.

If the mushrooms are canned, you should look for a symbol of kosher certification on the label, since non-kosher ingredients may have been used during the process, or the mushrooms may have been on the same production lines as non-kosher foods. The kosher certification agency also ensures that the mushrooms are not infested with insects.

Since you asked about mushrooms, I should mention that the sages of the Talmud (Brachot 40b) discuss the blessing to be recited before eating mushrooms. Mushrooms, though they grow on the ground, do not receive their nutrition from the soil as plants do. Therefore, the proper blessing for mushrooms is not ha'adamah ("Blessed are You... who creates the fruit of the earth"), the blessing said on vegetables, but rather the default blessing, "by whose word all things came to be."

You can find more information on Kosher and on the blessings recited on various foods in our Kosher Section.

Enjoy your mushrooms!

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