Rabbi Jochanan called his clothes "my honorers" (as per the verse — Exodus 28:2 - "You shall make holy garments for your brother Aaron, for honor and beauty").

(Shabbat, 113a)

The robe [worn by the High Priest] atoned for bloodshed, the breeches atoned for lewdness, the turban made atonement for arrogance, the belt atoned for [impure] meditations of the heart, the breastplate atoned for neglect of civil laws, the apron atoned for idolatry, the cloak atoned for slander, and the crown, worn on the forehead, atoned for brazenness.

(Talmud, Zevachim 88b)

Said Rabbi Yossi the son of Rabbi Chanina: Whoever debases clothing, in the end will not derive benefit from them. Because David cut off the corner of Saul's garment (see I Samual, ch. 24), therefore it came to pass that when "King David grew old, and came along in days; they covered him with clothes, but he was not warmed" (I Kings 1:1).

(Berachot 62b)

Said Rabbi Judah: A person should sell the roof-beams of his home to buy shoes for his feet.

(Shabbat 129a)