About Ethics of our Fathers

What are the Ethics of Our Fathers? What do ethics have to do with fathers? And why are they traditionally studied during the summer time?

What Is “Ethics of Our Fathers”?
While counting the Omer, we too try to perfect our character. To assist in achieving this goal, we study Avot, the tractate which is devoted to piety, humility, kindness and ethics.
Why is it Named
The teachings expressed in this tractate are the "father" to -- i.e. they must precede -- all other Torah teachings. "If there is no common decency, there is no Torah."
Preface & Afterword
Greeting everyone with a smile, opening one's house to the poor, respecting peers, etc.--these may be difficult sometimes, considering that our fellows sometimes appear to be far from perfect, or even savory...
What's A
“The hassids are the ones with the black coats . . .” “No, no. All the Orthodox have long black coats and beards. The hassids are the ones with the wide-brimmed hats.” “No, they all wear the hats . . .”
Ethics of the Fathers is a tractate of the Mishna that details the Torah's views on ethics and interpersonal relationships. Enjoy insights, audio classes and stories on these fascinating topics.
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