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Shavuot Songs

Enjoy these beautiful songs on themes associated with the holiday of Shavuot—the day we received the Torah.

Atoh Bechartonu
Audio | 3:17
Atoh Bechartonu
This melody is composed of two distinct, yet related, melodies. The soft, tranquil tones at the beginning express the unburdened way of life of the righteous. In contrast, the stormy, raging tones of the second melody express the deep feelings of remorse of the repentant one
Torah Medley
Audio | 6:20
Torah Medley
1. Sisu V’simchu 2. Ma Yisron 3. Torah Tziva
1. Fortunate are you Israel, that G-d has chosen you, and given you the Torah as a heritage, a gift in the desert. Rejoice and exult on Simchat Torah, and pay homage to the Torah. This melody is sung after the reading of the Torah an Simchat Torah. 2. "What benefit does man have from all his toil that he toils under the sun? There is no gain from toiling in worldly matters, but there is gain from toiling in the study of Torah. This song was sung in a concentration camp, by a group of Jews who strengthened one another, in the shadow of death, and managed to study Torah. 3.The Torah which Moshe commanded us is the inheritance of the Congregation. (Devorim 33:4)
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