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Chassidic Stories

There's no better way to make a point than to tell a story...

Classic chassidic tales. There's no better way to make a point than to tell a story...

The Bookbinder in Heaven
Head bowed and cheeks burning, overwhelmed by a sense of self-disgust, I accepted the verdict.
The Rabbi and the King
Another man, whom I didn’t recognize, sat opposite the rabbi, learning with him.
When the Baal Shem Tov Laughed
A delightful tale in which we learn how the actions of two simple Jews were felt miles away.
The Blessing and the Bottle
Why did Rabbi Baruch send the townspeople to receive a blessing from a perpetual drunk?
The Afterlife of the Man Who Always Washed
Rabbi Elazar of Kozhnitz would tell this tale, which illustrates the immense value and spiritual power of even a single mitzvah.
Why the Czar Remembered
Silent looks were thrown around, frantically trying to pinpoint the one responsible.
The Two-Fold Remedy
They rested and grazed, and after a day or two, the rancher prodded them along to the fair where, plump and agile, they sold nicely.
The Terrified Inkeeper and a Mysterious Letter
For almost 20 years the innkeeper had avoided paying his annual dues to the baron from whom he leased the property.
The Burial Society's Tefillin
An assortment of tefillin—some old and worn, others glossy and new—lay neatly arranged.
The Buckwheat Seller's Secret
Reb Avraham was known to be a kind but a simple and almost illiterate Jew, barely able to follow the prayers or read Tehillim.
Why the Wedding Preparations Stalled
“Why are you worrying?” chuckled the rabbi. “Heaven directs everything, and there isn’t a person alive who knows what needs to happen or when.”
Saved From Fire
“The only question is,” the Rebbe murmured, “will that be before or after the incident?”
The Story That Was a Prayer
The Rebbe continued speaking, even as the clock ticked closer to midnight.
The Miracle of the Missing Menorah
Whether it was a silver goblet, an ornate spice box, or the Shabbat candlesticks, all they could do was acknowledge the disappearance
The Sudden Change of Heart
At the age of 93, Reb Shlomo Rafaels was one of Sventiany’s oldest residents.
The Simple Vintner of Slonim
Scrunching his face with concentration, Ephraim enunciated each word again and again. He appeared to be begging for his life.
The Long Lost Brother
The widow approached the Rebbe Rashab, seeking his guidance…
To everyone, it was an impossible dream. But not for Reb Yekel.
She Learned From Leibel the Thief
The Rebbetzin understood that her father wanted her to follow his practice of blessing people who sought Divine help.
The Story Behind the Shorn Lock
"When the duke responded with a showering of compliments, I hardly believed my good fortune."
The Learned Thief, the Studious Visitor, and the Kind Innkeeper
“My daughter is betrothed to a fine young man, but I have no idea of how to pay for the wedding.”
The Wayward Shochet and the Holy Hitchhikers
Moshe was known to frequent the local watering holes, whiling away entire nights in a drunken stupor.
The Woman at the Train Depot
“If you are presented with an opportunity to help someone, even if it’s an ordinary stranger from the bazaar, don’t hesitate to do so.”
How Reb Elimelech Quelled the Rebellion in Nikolsburg
Some of the town’s most distinguished community members hinted that perhaps the rabbi was wrongly suited for a city as “modern and developed” as Nikolsburg.
The Only Person Who Responded to the Ad
“I have something to say,” he announced. “I was wrong about the Rebbe and I want to apologize"
A Story About a Salesman and Life’s Purpose
The haze was thicker than usual—a mixture of cigarette and furnace smoke—but Rabbi Shmuel could see the man.
The Mystery Man in the Carriage
With that, he signaled his driver and the carriage sped off before the rabbi had a chance to ask any questions.
The Man Who Stopped the Wedding Procession
The man blinked tears from his eyes. "I lease an inn from a local duke, and the business… it’s bad."
The Baal Shem Tov Heals the Duke's Daughter
Despite the girl’s many fine qualities, living around her became insufferable due to her bizarre and unpredictable behavior.
The Ruse of the Three Letters
Noticing his father’s return to a life of wealth, Zalman’s son revived their kinship and stopped by to talk more often.
The Incompetent Apprentice
“Please, forgive me,” muttered the wagon driver. “I had no idea who you were, and I request forgiveness for wronging you.”
The Man Who Gave Charity to Himself
“I will not travel with you,” stipulated Rabbi Menachem Mendel, “unless you give me twenty silver coins.”
The Mystery Grave
Creeping through the brush to investigate, they discovered, to their surprise, a lone candle in a clearing, burning atop a small headstone.
Did You Know That G-d Loves Stories?
Trouble was brewing in St. Petersburg, and the Tzemach Tzedek immediately set to work to have the decree abolished.
The Ship Builder's Carriage
It was an unusual job for a religious Jew, and his success aroused jealousy, even among his own artisans.
The driver’s mother didn’t say much, but half an hour before sunset she placed two candles on the table and lit them.
Buried in the “Wrong” Plot
With time, the tailor turned gray and decided to travel to visit his daughter…
The Forgiven Loan
Reb Shalom’s daughter waited to be wed, but without a somewhat respectable dowry her chances of meriting a fine groom were virtually nonexistent.
The Miracle of the Menorah and the Deadbeat Husband
“Please, Berish,” said the dying man, closing his eyes, “protect the menorah as though your life depends on it.”
The Kidnapped Groom
Baila, an orphan adopted by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak and his wife, was marrying an exceptional young man who was also parentless.
Where Is That Merchant From?
"If you realize that the entire day you spend in the store is just so you can learn for one hour, you will never lose touch with the Torah.”
Seeing Is Believing
“Look outside. You see this wagon loaded with straw rolling down the road? Walking behind it is a Jew . . ."
The Holy Tailor
Incensed by the jab, the son-in-law renewed his rant, which had now become personal.
The Dry Sukkah and the Holy Bagel Seller
With no destination to guide him, he slowly traversed sprawling forests and small towns, hoping to finally encounter what his rebbe had in mind.
Reb Zusha and the Tormentors
“And what are you going to claim on Judgement Day, eh, Zusha? Your soul will know no peace when that time comes!”
The Story of His Life
“The boy isn’t at all what he seems. Don’t be fooled by superficiality."
Shloyme Came Home for Shofar
Wordlessly, the Rebbe curled his arm around Shloyme’s elbow, and together they strode through the crowded sanctuary.
Is Hillel Evil?
“You’re invited to dine with me but I have one simple request: for each meal, please prepare a small dvar Torah to share at the table.”
Reunited Under a Downpour
When a couple couldn't procreate, they went to their Maggid, who gave them a unique mission.
The Friday-Afternoon Blessing
Living as a downtrodden shell of her former self, Leah's blank eyes reflected the agony that gripped her heart.
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