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Chassidic Stories

There's no better way to make a point than to tell a story...

Classic chassidic tales. There's no better way to make a point than to tell a story...

Where Is That Merchant From?
"If you realize that the entire day you spend in the store is just so you can learn for one hour, you will never lose touch with the Torah.”
Seeing Is Believing
“Look outside. You see this wagon loaded with straw rolling down the road? Walking behind it is a Jew . . ."
The Holy Tailor
Incensed by the jab, the son-in-law renewed his rant, which had now become personal.
The Dry Sukkah and the Holy Bagel Seller
With no destination to guide him, he slowly traversed sprawling forests and small towns, hoping to finally encounter what his rebbe had in mind.
Reb Zusha and the Tormentors
“And what are you going to claim on Judgement Day, eh, Zusha? Your soul will know no peace when that time comes!”
The Story of His Life
“The boy isn’t at all what he seems. Don’t be fooled by superficiality."
Shloyme Came Home for Shofar
Wordlessly, the Rebbe curled his arm around Shloyme’s elbow, and together they strode through the crowded sanctuary.
Is Hillel Evil?
“You’re invited to dine with me but I have one simple request: for each meal, please prepare a small dvar Torah to share at the table.”
Reunited Under a Downpour
When a couple couldn't procreate, they went to their Maggid, who gave them a unique mission.
The Friday-Afternoon Blessing
Living as a downtrodden shell of her former self, Leah's blank eyes reflected the agony that gripped her heart.
The Lost Boy and the Secret Slip of Parchment
“I have three very strong horses, fast as deer,” he whispered. “If you’re willing to pay, I’ll take the innkeeper and his family to a city far from here. Tonight.”
In the Nick of Time
He Got the Wrong Man!
It did not take long until they had dragged me before the town rabbi, demanding that I divorce my “wife.”
The Yellow Ointment
“So make it yellow,” replied Kusheh. And that is exactly what he did.
Saved by Leeches (and Faith)
The husband laughed bitterly. “See?” he said, “You spent all that time and money to visit your rebbe, and he gave you the most useless advice. How are leeches going to bring us the funds we so desperately need?”
When the Odessa Matzah-Bakers Outfoxed the KGB
In the Soviet Union, even getting a piece of matzah for the Seder was fraught with danger
The Wagon Driver and the Stranger
“Please invite the wagon driver to come see me,” said the Rebbe upon hearing that the man was in town.
Why Only the Postman Jumped Up
Despite his efforts to maintain a low profile, word of Reb Eizel’s arrival traveled quickly . . .
The Secret Benefactor
"Now you know why I felt compelled to attend the funeral of such an extraordinary person.”
The Boy Who Could Not Walk
They crisscrossed Russia, trudging from doctor to doctor, but even the greatest specialists threw their hands up in despair.
In time, rumors began to circulate that she had been acting improperly with another man.
Like every eligible male in Czarist Russia, Peretz Chein eventually received a letter stating that he was required to show up at a conscription office.
How the Simple Villager Changed His Ways
Although the villager was a simple Jew, he hoped that his children would one day surpass his meager knowledge of Torah.
How the Gulag Judge Lit the Menorah
As the Siberian winter deepened, Chanukah came, and a group of young Jewish prisoners convened for a short meeting.
Saved by His Honesty
Besides his day job, he had another duty, one that he carried out secretly and with great devotion . . .
Saved From the Monastery
The landlady on the floor wailing hysterically. Her only son, she sobbed, had agreed to convert to Christianity, and was being held in a locked room in a monastery.
The Man Who Wanted to Be Poor
Though people in the synagogue pitied him, he felt no shame.
The Golden-Ruble Sheepskin
"When you are approached by a villager who offers to sell you something, buy it at once."
A Match Made In Mockery
“But the magnate is a simple man, not a Torah scholar!” interjected the rabbi. “How can I allow this match to happen?”
The Muddy Path to Paradise
The suddenness of the rebbe’s appearance in his city caught the chassid, along with his wide-open mansion, off guard. Left with no choice, he reluctantly surrendered his house so that it could serve as the rebbe’s accommodation.
The Mystery Man in the Thieves’ Den
It was winter, and as they set out on their journey, snow began to fall, and strong winds pushed them from the snow-covered road.
The Unexpected Dowry
"Tell them that you are ready to offer a dowry of 2,000 silver rubles, as long as the groom is a Torah scholar and from a respectable family.”
Was I Wrong to Ask for a Drink?
One Simchat Torah, a group of boisterous villagers burst through the entrance in high spirits . . .
Simchat Torah in the Nazi Labor Camp
How did the shoemaker lay his hands on the precious artifact? No one knew.
The Stranger Who Wanted to Go to Heaven
The messenger approached a traveler and asked him whether he was carrying an etrog . . .
The Wise Soldier With a Wooden Sword
To the czar’s horror, the soldier tugged his curved sword out from its sheath and presented it to the innkeeper . . .
The Missing Wagons
Overcome by grief, the poor man barely managed to process the news before he passed out . . .
The Rabbi Who Cried Over Spilled Ink
A simple, uncouth individual, dressed in the attire of ignorant and coarse men, came to his home.
The Mysterious Man With the Pipe
The students spread out, scouring all paths leading to the field for a gentleman who might lend them a pipe.
100 Barrels of Wine
The innkeeper lived modestly, but he offered his guests his best rooms and did everything he could to make their stay comfortable.
The Miser Who Built the Mikvah
“The community is too poor, and cannot shoulder the financial burden of this endeavor. And as for the local gevir, it is a waste of time even to approach him . . .”
The Woodsman and the Governor
As night fell, they tried to find their way out of the soggy forest but, blinded by sheets of rain, they could not find the right path
The Foolish Young Man and the Honest Host
The young man slowly accumulated a small fortune of twelve gold coins and one copper coin.
The Man King David Took to Court
When Berel heard that there would be a celebration in honor of a new Torah, he naively assumed that he would be welcomed to the joyful event.
The Man Who Did Not Get a Blessing
The businessman was at his wits’ end. For years, he had eked out a living through the small concession that the Polish government had granted him. And now, his license was suddenly revoked, and he had no idea where his next few zlotys would come from.
The Rabbi, the Tailor, and the Czar
“As you know, I am an expert tailor,” said the man, whose eyes still glistened with tears. “I make high-quality clothing for princes, nobles and other fine folks.
The Brave Girl and the Informer
He is intent on the names printed in the thick ream of pages that sits in front of him. He reads the names, and from time to time uses a large black fountain pen to mark a name with an X.
Milk Demons
How were the poor wretches supposed to raise money from the confinement of their prison cells?
The Returnee
“Meilech,” called the Maggid from his room. “Do you hear what they are saying right now in heaven?"
The Chassid Climbed Through the Window
It once happened that that the young daughter of Nechunya the digger of wells fell into a deep well.
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