The Ingredients:

For the Seder plate:


  • Kosher Wine (grape juice works if you can’t stomach wine).
  • The script, along with all the instructions you’ll need: a book called the Haggadah.
  • Saltwater for dipping.
  • A sumptuous holiday meal.
  • Special cup for Elijah (optional; you can use a regular cup if necessary).

The Characters:

  • That’s you. The haggadah is not a spectator sport. You are the experience. Before the Seder, prepare some Passover thoughts to share, and encourage every member of the family to do the same. Our Passover study section is a good place to start.
  • Children play the most important role at the Seder. We do whatever we can to keep them awake and engaged. You might want to bring props to the table, such as a stuffed lamb.

Hot Tips:

For more detailed information on the Seder preparations, see our Seder Wizard at