Matzah is more than a food, it's the way we relive the Exodus. It's also the only mitzvah we have today that we actually eat and digest. According to kabbalah, matzah you eat on the first night of Passover strengthens the faith of the soul, and matzah eaten on the second night heals it. So make sure you…

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Because not all matzah is created equal. There's…

Year-round matzah

The ultimate matzah is made by hand in a bakery where everyone yells out, "For the sake of the mitzvah of matzah!"Looks like matzah, tastes like matzah and has the same ingredients as matzah—but it wasn't made for Passover, and so no one made sure that it did not become chametz, forbidden on Passover. Not kosher for Passover under any conditions.

"Rich" matzah

Matzah made with fruit juice, eggs or some other extra ingredients. It shouldn’t be used for the seder. If certified kosher for Passover, Ashkenazi custom is that it may be used during the rest of Passover by the ill, or those who (for health reasons) simply cannot stomach plain matzah. Read more about that here.

Regular Passover matzah

Matzah that was carefully guarded from becoming leaven until it arrives in your mouth. Almost the ultimate matzah, but not ideal, so speak to your rabbi if this is all you have.

Hand-made Shmurah matzah

For the Seder, you want matzah that was made specifically for the mitzvah of eating matzah at the Seder—and we haven't yet invented machines that can have that in mind. The ultimate matzah is made by hand in a bakery where everyone yells out, "For the sake of the mitzvah of matzah!" before kneading, rolling or baking the dough. Shmura means that it was guarded from all moisture from the moment it was harvested all the way until it reaches your mouth. Your local Chabad Center might have some. Or click here to buy online.

Get the Details

  • The only time you have to eat matzah is on the two seder nights (in Israel, just the first night).
  • For those folks with wheat allergies, gluten intolerance or celiac disease, read this article.
  • Matzah is forbidden food on the day before Passover. Many have the custom to refrain for an entire month before Passover.