Reb Sender and his father ran a tea business in Russia. They would meet their supplier at the fair in Leipzig, Germany, and take delivery of the goods at the Russian border. A businessman from their town decided to become their competitor. His motivation was jealousy and his business ethics reflected his feelings. Basically, he entered the tea industry just to hurt Reb Sender.

The competitor decided to involve the authorities. As everyone knows, even when business affairs are absolutely above board, a government investigation can cause trouble.

Hopefully, the tea would be confiscated and Reb Sender would have to bear the lossAccording to the deal Reb Sender had with his supplier, the supplier remained responsible for the goods until delivery. So his competitor schemed to surreptitiously denounce Reb Sender's supplier to the authorities as soon as the shipment crossed the border, which is where Reb Sender would take delivery. Hopefully, the tea would be confiscated and Reb Sender would have to bear the loss, while the seller would have to deal with the criminal prosecution.

Reb Sender traveled to Leipzig and made his deal. He paid a large sum up front—after all, the best prices can be had for CBD (Cash Before Delivery).

Meanwhile the rumor spread that the authorities were investigating shipments of tea for evasion of customs duties. And a few days later the rumors were confirmed. A complaint was issued against a large shipment of tea.

The delivery was made, but Reb Sender and his father kept their goods in a secret location in order to avoid suspicion. Eventually, when they felt it safe to sell the goods, they suffered a great loss because the tea simply went stale. In the end, Reb Sender and his father abandoned the tea business because of this experience.

Meanwhile, the informer lost his fortune. After the dust settled it turned out that the authorities had seized his tea instead! His scheme backfired and he became sick and bedridden. People took great pity on him and donated money for him and his family.

A few people were aware of his evil designs—including Reb Sender himself. Nevertheless, because of their good nature they kept everything a secret.

When the informer was told about Reb Sender's upcoming visit, he wanted to hide under the floorDuring the period when the informer was sick in bed, time came to consider prospective matches for his daughter. Due to his great poverty, he had nothing to offer for a dowry. One day, Reb Sender visited him. When the informer was told about Reb Sender's upcoming visit, he wanted to hide under the floor from sheer embarrassment.

When Reb Sender entered, it was evident that the sick man wanted to say something, but could not. Reb Sender comforted him by encouraging him to trust in G‑d's salvation. His gentle way penetrated the man's heart. After Reb Sender left, a packet of cash was found under the patient's pillow, enough to fund a handsome dowry for his daughter.

Postscript: Reb Sender passed away at a young age. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad chassidic movement, told Reb Sender's bereaved father that his son had been accorded an especially delightful place in Heaven in honor of his goodness. Reb Sender was the great-grandfather of Rebbetzin Rivkah, wife of the fourth Lubavitcher Rebbe, the "Rebbe Maharash."