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A selection of readings and essays on the Jewish perspective on pre-marriage dating.

Split Your Sea
If you were given a glimpse of your subconscious personality, what would you find?
An Arranged Marriage
Had Isaac and Rebecca met in the modern age, their courtship might have looked something like this. Isaac would notice Rebecca at the well . . .
Yiddishe Nachas
The "singles" phenomenon is arguably the single biggest social problem in the Jewish world today. We could well take a cue from the first Jewish father who needed to find a shidduch for his son - Abraham
The Rebbe on Dating and Marriage
The Lubavitcher Rebbe answers questions posed by a group of college students on dating and marriage, Jewish identity, religion and ethics, moshiach and the future
Human or Beast?
The Torah's views and safeguards against sexual abuse
To many, these laws appear extreme, over-reactive and unnecessary. A little 1st-grader can't hug her daddy's best friend? Two adult co-workers of the opposite sex can’t work alone in the office to finish an important project?
A Friend’s Divorce
It had always seemed to me that, for most of us, many of the Torah’s laws restricting relations between the sexes are a sort of collective punishment for the sins of a few. But recently my perspective has changed . . .
I Got Engaged in 10 Days: Here's How
All my deeply ingrained fears and doubts smirked at the glorious opportunity to rule over my mind in a moment of weakness.
6 Strategies for Successful Dating
While you’re supposed to have fun on a date, Judaism doesn’t endorse dating for fun. The objective of dating is marriage—building a Jewish home with your partner. Here are six strategies for achieving your goal and marrying the right person.
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