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Parshah Parenting

Parenting lessons from the weekly Torah reading

Parenting tips and messages culled from the timeless messages found in the weekly Torah readings.

Bo: The First Step to Liberation
Do we dismiss our child's issues as insignificant? Do we reassure him that this "little" incident will pass, without validating what he is experiencing, in this moment?
Ki Tisa: Proactive Parenting
Tapping your child’s essential goodness
Is there any benefit in compelling your child to do what is right, when he’s doing so only because he cannot disobey you?
Vayikra: A Great Smallness
As parents, we obviously believe that genuine self-esteem is important to our children’s psychological and spiritual development. But how can we avoid the hubris and laziness that invariably accompany an inflated self-image?
What the Number Three Teaches Us about Parenting Do’s and Don’ts
“My children are constantly fighting with each other,” laments Susan, a mother of three. “Will there ever be peace in my home?”
The Self-Made Child
My daughter is always complaining that “all the other mothers” always do their children’s projects and homework for them . . .
Vayakhel: Look Out For Those Pegs!
Building your child’s character requires focusing on the “big” issues; but it also means not neglecting the “minor pegs” grounding his values.
Food for Growth
What emotional or spiritual profile would you like to build in yourself?
The Parenting Rod
"One who spares the rod, hates his child" -- what is the parctical meaning in this adage for today's parent?
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