By the Grace of G‑d
22nd of Elul, 5739 [September 14, 1979]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mrs. […]
Johannesburg, So. Africa

Blessing and Greeting:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of Aug. 29th, with the enclosure. May G‑d grant the fulfillment of your heart's desires for good.

With regard to your writing about your feeling of depression, etc., I trust it is surely unnecessary to explain to you at length that one of the basics of our Torah, Toras Chaim [the Torah of Life] (so called because it is the Jew's true guide in life, given by G‑d, the Creator and Master of the world), is that G‑d's benevolent Providence extends to each and everyone individually, as is frequently emphasized in Tehillim [Psalms] that G‑d is your "Guardian" and your "Keeper" and is always "at your right hand," etc., so that every Jew can feel quite secure in the constant presence and watchfulness of G‑d. It is only necessary to keep the channels open to receive G‑d's blessings, and these channels are the everyday life and conduct in accordance with the Torah and Mitzvoth to the best of one's ability. And every Jew has the ability to carry it out fully, since G‑d provides this ability. It is largely, thereafter, up to one's own will and determination.

Receipt is enclosed for your Tzedoko [charity], and may it additionally stand you and yours in good stead.

Wishing you and yours a Kesivo vaChasimo Tovo [to be inscribed and sealed for a good year], for a good and pleasant year,

With blessing,

M. Schneerson