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Loved Ones Share

Parents, children, caretakers and professionals tell their side of the story.

Journeying With Our Daughter
This series of articles was written by a rabbi in North America chronicling his daughter’s ongoing struggle with addiction and mental illness.
My Husband, My Warrior
Coming Back from the Black Hole of Depression
As I watch you come back to life, I am scared. Why should I live a normal life just for the next wave of depression and anxiety to hijack our home all over again?
My Greatest Teacher: My Husband’s Battle With Depression
There is so much resistance here, so I know there must be something true.
A Narrow Bridge
Working with Anorexia
A year ago I started working with young women who have Eating Disorders. It is not an easy job. I have moments where I want to quit. I tell myself, "I'm not qualified for this. I'm not strong enough for this. I just can't do it." My boss tells me, "If you don't, who will?"
A Fractured Mind
The Pain of Mental Illness
All that was left of Matt's beautiful bride was a medicated shell of a human being whose brain had short circuited and whose soul had somehow disconnected...
Growing Up in the Shadow of OCD
I can't blame my mother, whose illness and family history prevented her from being able to mother, nor can I blame my grandmother for raising a daughter unable to mother...
In a Ward on a Hill
On an overcast morning one Fourth of July, sullen clouds hinting to the imminent fall of rain, I came to a Forensic Psychiatric Ward in Northern Connecticut.
Raising a Child with Bipolar Disorder
We went back to the psychiatrist and she saw right away what it really was. My beautiful, brilliant, funny, compassionate son was literally climbing her bookcases, screaming like a wild animal...
Mentally Ill, Mentally Well: Two Neighbors Share Shabbat
About an hour or so before Shabbat arrives, there’s a set of loud, repetitive knocks on my door. On the other side stands a mostly toothless woman, often carrying the overwhelming scent of the unbathed.
Killing the Stigma of Mental Illness
Following a suicide, everyone is looking for a reason, an excuse. Everyone wants to find something or someone to blame. Because when we have a label, it makes it so much easier to separate it from our lives or our responsibility...
We Are What We Think
You see, she is fat and ugly. She has hair that sometimes frizzes, legs that are too long, and what tops it off is the most horrendous skin between her thumb and forefinger. Is this true? Any of it? Yes, all of it. Why? Because that is how she sees herself. And that, ultimately, is all that matters...
Being Grounded
In order to connect, in order to give, in order to attach, you have to be connected to the ground. If a woman doesn’t get any sleep, if she has no physical or emotional strength, if she doesn’t eat properly, then she can’t be a source of blessing.
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