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Living With Mental Illness

Real people tell candid stories of struggle, suffering and success in their lives.

Examining the Pieces When Everything Falls Apart
The pressure subtly built a reality around me that I could not achieve. If the dream of that success failed, then everything was lost.
Slowly Digging Out of Depression’s Darkness
A metaphorical description of my personal inner battles
To Run and Return
Winter brings a certain hopelessness and fatigue, irritability towards other people, and a desire to stay in and dissociate to daytime television with a jar of chocolate spread and a spoon. But this year was different...
Regaining My Balance
I often found myself standing at the kitchen counter, mindlessly eating one piece of cake after the next. I wasn't even hungry, but I kept on eating...
Combatting the Stigma of Mental Illness
I wondered how she could look me in the eye and think that I had been stripped of my humanity and my agency. I wondered how she figured that any person with mental illness could somehow get by without humanity or agency...
Postpartum Depression
A Personal Account
PPD would never happen to me. I was too "happy"! I was always the type of person that people viewed as so capable, energetic, and positive. But I suddenly realized that PPD could happen to anyone, even me...
The Wake-Up Call
My Battle with Depression
As my sisters, my boyfriend, my friends and my students rallied to help me cope with physical illness, my mind was being warped by something more insidious. Realizing that I would live the rest of my life as a disabled person, I started to wonder whether or not life was worth living...
Dealing with Depression
I knew I was miserable, and I had plenty of reasons to be, but I hit a low that I had never experienced before and hope never to again . . .
Breaking the Silence
Confronting One's Childhood Abuse as an Adult
Something has tormented my soul for many a year. I tried to live by the adage that what happens in the family stays in the family...
Moving Forward: Releasing the Chokehold of the Past
Allowing yourself to step into a new and healthy reality from a traumatic past is a bit like zip-lining: If you don’t jump off the platform with trust that on the other side of the dense foliage before you there is another platform, then you will never behold the wondrous sights in between.
Living and Working With Mental Illness
I have a disability, but you would not know it by just looking at me or by having a brief conversation with me.
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