“They journeyed from Ramses toward Sukkot.” The word “Ramses” means that the evil has already melted and become nullified (the “m’ses” in “Ramses” is from “kehamas donag”-"as wax melts”), for the Jews had already left the limitations (meitzarim) and boundaries of Egypt (Mitzraim).

After the evil became nullified, G‑d immediately caused them to dwell in a sukkah (“In sukkot I caused to dwell the Children of Israel when I brought them out of Egypt.”). This is analogous to the two steps taken upon the birth of a baby: first he is bathed and washed (leaving Egypt), and then he is wrapped him in clean linen, to guard him from dirt from the outside, and also to straighten his limbs and strengthen them (dwelling in sukkot).

(Likkutei Dibburim, vol. 4, p. 767)