Notes of a Talk which the Rebbe Addressed to the Brownsville Branch of the Lubavitcher Yeshivos Women’s Auxiliary

Raising money, after all, is merely an external necessity, like a garment – but where are the daughters and daughters-in-law [when it comes to other and more vital tasks]? It is of course essential and praiseworthy to contribute funds for the yeshivos, and the women who support Torah study have a great merit. In fact they are following the precedent of the Mishkan in the wilderness, where the first contributors who enabled its construction were the womenfolk.

However, there are also other vital tasks that need more volunteer workers – to enroll more children in the yeshivos; to share responsibility for the Mesibos Shabbos afternoon sessions for children; or to help out with the weekly Release Hour,1 when the law allows religion to be taught to the children attending public school. You ought to make efforts to have those boys and girls enrolled in kosher Talmud Torah schools, and not in treife ones.

It is not easy for me to lay these tasks on you, an audience of older women – but your daughters and daughters-in-law need to be drawn into this work.

Particular care needs to be taken that children are enrolled exclusively in Talmud Torah schools that are kosher. [This should be explained to parents:] When they want to buy meat, they of course go to a kosher butchery, not a treife one. Then in what way is their children’s education a less critical concern?

I would like my words not to remain among you alone, but that they should also be heard out in the street – that children should attend only kosher Talmud Torah schools.

May the One Above grant good health, and everything else you need, to yourselves and to your families. May He watch over your children who are serving in battlefronts, wherever they may be, and may He bring them home safe and sound.