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Priestly Blessing Essays

The Spiritual Dimension of Birkat Kohanim
Several takes on the inner dimension of the blessings of the priests
The soul of the kohen stems from the divine attribute of “abundant kindness.” In the mystical works this attribute is compared to a powerful river whose waters cannot be stemmed.
The Blessing of Love
To bless, we must love, and to be blessed is to know that we are loved by the One vaster than the universe.
Blessing the Blessers
The chazzan reaches the moment, the Kohanim turn around, lower their prayer shawls over their eyes, raise their hands towards the crowd and the Priestly Blessing begins. What an amazing religion we have where certain people have been specifically assigned the job of blessing the masses with sanctity and love:
The Two Handed Salute
United We Stand
They were coming. Tens of thousands of them, all ages and nationalities, a spectacular ocean of humanity flowing through the gates of the Old City...
G-d's Favorites
In commenting on one of the blessings in the Priestly Benediction, the Talmud reveals an important aspect of the Jew's attitude to Judaism.
The Priestly Blessing
The kohanim remove their shoes and extend their hands, fingers parted and palms stretched outwards; the congregation hide their faces under their prayer shawls. What is the deeper significance of this celestial ritual?
Climbing to G-d
The priestly blessing empowers us to make a three-step climb.
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