Like other Jewish holidays, the traditional Ashkenazi greeting for Shavuot is Gut yom tov.”

Yom tov,which literally means “good day” in Hebrew, denotes a holiday. In Yiddish, it is normally mangled into something that sounds more like “YON-tiff.” Thus, the greeting can sound like “Gut YON-tiff” or even “GutJONntiff.” (When translating “Gut yom tov into English, you arrive at the strangely redundant-sounding “Good good day.”)

Sephardic Jews prefer the Biblical term for a festival, “chag.” Thus, when wishing someone a joyous festival, they say, Chag same’ach.” (Note that you pronounce it “KHAHG sah-MAY-ach.”)

In Chabad tradition, in the days leading to Shavuot it is customary to wish one another “kabolas hatorah besimchah ubepnimiys,” to receive the Torah with joy and sincerity.