“Why is it that we learn Chassidic teachings, which take such pains to describe the spiritual realms?” asked Rabbi Nechemiah of Dubrovna. “We don’t really understand what’s described there. And when Moshiach will arrive, those that didn’t ever delve into these teachings will also be privy to secrets of creation. Why expend so much time on something we do not fully grasp, and which will one day be accessible to those who have not invested effort?”

“Let me explain it to you through a parable,” replied the Tzemach Tzedek, the third rebbe of Chabad. “Imagine a person standing near a wall while two people are engaged in a conversation on the other side. Naturally, as their voices are muffled, an eavesdropper can discern only snatches of what is being said.

“Should the conversation then be related to the listener in its specifics, all the bits and pieces that initially didn’t make sense would begin to fall into place. As he listens, he will recall what he had overheard and say, ‘Aha! Now I know what they were saying.’

“When Moshiach comes,” continued the Tzemach Tzedek, “although we learn chassidus now and understand little of it, we will then exclaim, ‘Aha! So that’s what it meant!’ because someone who’s heard something once will understand it better than someone who’s never heard of it.”

Shemuot Vesippurim Vol. 3, page 143