An eager zoologist sits shrouded in leaves, peeking through the sunlit clearing. Like many before him, he has constructed a hide in this Andean forest to better observe its feathered inhabitants. It is here that the Mountain Tanagers—petite budgie-like birds—flutter and flourish. As he watches, they drop like confetti and land on one branch, with colorful coats and colorful calls.

He is puzzled.

Much data has been collected about these Thraupidae over the years, but one unsolved riddle stubbornly persists. The various species of tanagers include the olive-backed "black-chinned" tanagers and black-backed "blue-winged" tanagers. In certain areas these two types interbreed and are obviously one family of tanagers. Yet in other places these two types will remain noticeably apart from one another, and are clearly two separate species. The birds seem identical in all locations. Mankind has recorded their diets, habits, homes and sounds, yet the birds have withheld their secret.

Are they two species or one?

A half-filled metal cart rattles its reluctant way along the narrow supermarket aisle. A lady peers through the faintly frosted windows of the frozen section. Two rigidly squat packages of sliced meat stare at her blankly from their refrigerated resort. Both are beef. One bears a stamp with a clearly kosher symbol, whilst its partner is simply without.

She is puzzled.

Are they not equally calf or cow? How is it that cows that once shared the same grass cannot now share the same plate? They look the same, they feel the same, and except for a little extra salt, they even taste the same. Either will provide protein to the human consumer, much as both once trampled and grazed the same meadows.

Are they one species or two?

Of Adam’s descendants, only the family of Noah survived. Of Noah’s three sons a multitude of nations developed, some strong and others weak, who formed the heartbeats of history with their rising and falling fates. And yet, after one smaller nation had spent a couple of hundred cruel years in bondage, G‑d suddenly stepped into the scene. With a spectacular display of miracles and might, G‑d whisked them away to Mount Sinai. With an Almighty flourish, He proclaimed these people select from all other nations, gave them His law, and declared them hereafter holy and special.

Many have puzzled.

Why is this nation different from all other nations? They seem just as human as others; they bleed when cut, and the blood is always red. Medicine that cures a gentile cures a Jew. A gentile could eat cholent and a Jew could own a baseball team. There are Goldbergs in governments yet Cohens in court.

Two human species or one?

Not everything seems as it appears. In fact, not everything is seen. Due to technological breakthroughs, matters previously unknown, unseen, and entirely unimaginable have now become visible to the human vision. With the aid of high-tech equipment, that is.

New paths of knowledge have been laid and innovative explorers have begun to travel them. One such example is in the field of ultraviolet lights and markings. Physics and zoology have merged to solve some mysteries and produce amazing discoveries. New worlds emerge before lenses outfitted to capture otherwise invisible spectrums.

We are now able to ascertain that the distinction between our two kinds of mountain tanagers has nothing to do with their appearance or habits. Rather, only one set of birds bear UV markings on their backs! A bird's eye can easily see the difference, and even a bird-brain knows without a doubt the family to which it belongs.

With the help of special cameras, humans can now see these markings too.

Likewise, the nation that the Almighty decided to select at Mt. Sinai is not always easily distinguishable from others. Not to the human eye, at least. Yet any camera equipped with even the most basic GV (G‑dly View) lens will immediately register the distinct G‑dly soul with which each Jewish body has been imbued.

In the Tanya, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi explores and explains the exact science of this "second soul." It comes with expanded capabilities, additional responsibilities, and many expectations. Other Torah greats have likewise elaborated on this spirilogical discovery.

Another version of the same GV lens highlights the distinction between the two packages of sliced beef on that shelf. One has been slaughtered and treated in accordance with the conditions G‑d chose to detail at Sinai. It therefore contains the capability to be spiritually affected when consumed by any body that harbors a "second soul," and is somehow involved in the service of G‑d.

Since our food gives us strength to live and accomplish, when we perform good deeds or fulfill a Mitzvah we not only elevate ourselves and whatever materials we used to perform our deeds; we also elevate the food that gave us our strength and has now become a part of ourselves. Not so with that other meat package. That beef has not been spiritually equipped to become part of the Holy Nation via consumption. Take a look through the "camera" and see!

Breakthroughs in science have already allowed us to view various wavelengths of lights and heat, and our options are rapidly expanding. The days are soon to come when we will be physically endowed with the power to view this G‑dly dimension that is naturally present, albeit currently unseen, within our world and within ourselves; when all such puzzles will be solved.

When G‑d and man shall see eye to eye.