Modeh Ani Essays

The first thing we become aware of when we awake from our sleep in the morning is that we are awake and alive.
Crossing the Border
The sages of the Talmud disagree on the point in Jewish history at which time the obligation to bring bikkurim (“first fruits”) came into effect. The Rebbe sees their debate as a lesson on the nature, uses and hindrances of knowledge and consciousness.
The Secret to a Good Relationship
Ki Tavo
Naomi is married to a very busy, goal-oriented individual. She often laments how due to his overloaded schedule, they rarely spend quality time with each other . . .
What Do I Do If I Don't Believe?
If your faith in G-d is not enough to get you out of bed in the morning, what about G-d's faith in you?
Rudder of the Day
A recently published finding suggests that the thoughts going through our mind as soon as we awaken can determine our outlook and attitude for the rest of the day.
i to You
Solid bedrock
When you first wake up, you’re a new creation. The seed of everything you must be, of all you must accomplish, is there then. Grab it while you can.
Keep the Faith
Once you’ve rolled off the bed, how much of the “Modeh Ani” do you take with you? So you spent eight seconds admitting that you owe your life to G‑d. Does that really affect the rest of the day?
Two Aspects of Thanksgiving
The first approach reflects the depth of one’s faith, but is likely to be a very abstract and amorphous response. The second, steeped in intellect, may lack the spontaneity and power of the first, but truly penetrates the entire personality of the individual
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