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immediate issues and concerns following a death

The first moments after a loved one's demise are very painful and often confusing. What do do? What to think?

Night and Day
Life is a day that lies between two nights. Death is a night that lies between two days…
The power to be silent at certain moments of life and of history is an important strength. It expresses the awareness that G-d is infinite, and cannot be encapsulated in our human conceptions of what should take place...
Grim. Erev Shabbat.
I am sure that there on the other side of the globe competent people are going about that grim task. We sit here and we watch them without seeing
The Jewish Blessing on Death
What is “Baruch dayan ha'emet”
While there are many things about the Jewish funeral service I could inquire about, I am curious about one thing in particular. Everyone was saying to each other, “Baruch dayan emet,” “Blessed is the True Judge.” I found that it was almost like a greeting of some sort.
The Last Precious Gift
You never get used to it. It never becomes, oh, another tahara.
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