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Shema Audio

The Shema and its Blessings
An insight on the Kaddish and the Shema and its Blessings. What to contemplate when reciting the Shema, and what the angels do when they recite the Shema.
G-d is One
Audio | 2:28
G-d is One
The 'Shema' Prayer
What is the deeper meaning of the shema prayer? Does it mean that there is just one G-d, or just One anything?
Reciting Shema
Audio | 49:10
Reciting Shema – Krias Shema
This class provides an in-depth understanding of the themes contained in the reciting of the Shema.
Shema Yisrael – Hear O Israel
Audio | 46:38
Shema Yisrael – Hear O Israel
This class provides an in-depth understanding of the verse shema yisroel; the fundamental declaration of faith in G-d’s unity.
Shema - Ve-ohavto
32. Shema & Baruch Shem
Chassidic Insights on Berachot 2a, Lesson 2
How to commit to G-d in times of darkness.
The First Parshah of Shema
This class expounds upon the concept of loving G-d that’s mentioned in the first portion of the shema; v’ahavtah.
The Second Parshah of Shema
This class illuminates the subject of mitzvot as part of our love to G-d that’s stated in the second portion of shema; v’ha’yah.
Audio | 1:06
Ve'ahavta Song
Audio | 0:53
Ve'ahavta Song
Audio | 2:32
Audio | 1:28
Our Foundational Faith
Audio | 1:02:55
Our Foundational Faith
The Twelve Steps: Lesson 2, "Shema Yisrael"
The twelve Torah passages (known as the 12 Pesukim) present the Torah’s fundamental ideas empowering us with the spiritual strength needed to face the current challenges in life. The second step is the verse “Shema Yisrael” (“Hear, O Israel: G d is our L rd, G d is one”). Discover how this key passage expresses our deep connection and loyalty to G-d, and testifies to the ultimate presence of the divine in this world!
Shema Yisrael 1
Audio | 17:58
Shema Yisrael
Part One: Imagining Creation
The first step of Shema is to lift yourself into a space from which you can see the view from above.
Shema Yisrael 2
Audio | 15:20
Shema Yisrael
Part Two: Speech: The Ultimate Metaphor for Creation
We use the emergence of speech from the human psyche to experience the act of creation within ourselves.
Shema Yisrael 3
Audio | 9:11
Shema Yisrael
Part Three: The Essential Secret
Real secrets don't need to be hidden--they are known only to those who already know. The most absolute secret is to know existence itself.
Shema Yisrael 4
Audio | 10:55
Shema Yisrael
Part Four: Going Back Out Into the World
Now we bring this all back down to earth with an added line after the Shema.
Women and Prayer, Part 3
The Shema
Your Guide to the Shema
Understanding Prayer
Many fundamental beliefs of Judaism can be found in this prayer. Learn how to internalize its message to improve your relationship with G-d.
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