Mezuzah weakens the evil forces (Hitzonim) outside [the house], and destroys them inside.

Through the mezuzah one brings down the holiness of Israel, the faith and the wisdom.

Mezuzah brings wealth because the source of wealth comes from the wisdom that is in the mezuzah.

Mezuzah includes the whole Torah. It destroys the kingdom of evil and elevates the kingdom of holiness.

The mezuzah has two chapters: Shema and Vehayah. The first contains [the concept of] Malkhuth Shamayim (The Kingdom of Heaven), the second, Kabalath HaMitzvoth (accepting the yoke of the Divine commandments). Through these [two concepts the mezuzah] contains the whole Torah and protects the house.

The two chapters, Shema and Vehayah, are like the two arms – love and fear.1

Mezuzah brings the light of the ineffable Name Havayah to shine into the house.

Mezuzah is a tikun (rectification) of the Wisdom.

Every time one places his hand on the mezuzah, he draws down its innate holiness.

Mezuzah is like a Sefer Torah (the Torah Scroll). Through it one draws down the Supernal Wisdom into the house.

The reason we affix a mezuzah at the entrance is that through this entrance we go out into the domain of evil.

The name Shad‑dai is the level of the Tzadik Yesod Olam (the Righteous, who is the Foundation of the World).

[The name] Shad‑dai is the level of Tzadik and it brings blessing, life and mercy without limit (ad bli dai).

Mezuzah is a segulah (precious object, remedy) [which protects the house] from fire.

Mezuzah guards one’s soul.