I learnt a lot from the way the Rebbe interacted with those that came to ask him his advice. The Rebbe had an unlimited amount of patience for each individual that came to speak to him. Thousands would come for the famous distribution of dollars on Sundays, when the Rebbe would hand each person, many of whom had stood in line for hours, dollar bills to give to charity.

The Rebbe never interrupted the words of another, always listening until the other had finished speaking. There were those who would repeat what they had said, thinking that the Rebbe had not heard or understood what they were saying, and the Rebbe would always listen to the end and then respond again.

To say the least, the Rebbe's time was very precious; however, there was never a question of distinguishing between the "important" and "not important" people who were in audience with him. The Rebbe never told anyone to leave his room.

I remember once there was a woman who was waiting on line to enter the Rebbe's room for an audience. When her turn came, she let the next person go ahead of her. She did this until she was the last person to enter for an audience. This was in the wee hours of the early morning.

She was speaking to the Rebbe for a very long time, and it seemed that she did not have any plans to end the conversation. The Rebbe listened to her every word, not interrupting her, except when needed to respond to her queries. When it was getting very late, way past the latest time that the Rebbe usually remained for audiences, we asked her to kindly say goodbye to the Rebbe, explaining that the Rebbe needs to go home.

She continued to speak, and the Rebbe continued to listen. The Rebbe wished her well, giving her many blessings. She continued to speak as the Rebbe got up to put on his coat and gathered the letters he would be taking home with him. She continued to speak, and the Rebbe continued to intently listen and respond to her.

Still speaking, she escorted the Rebbe out of his office, and the Rebbe continued to respond to her, without any sign of annoyance.

The Rebbe walked home, and, immediately upon his arrival, he called the office and instructed us to immediately arrange for two students to escort her back home in a taxi, to make sure she arrived home safely.