The donor told the Chabad-Lubavitch emissary: "Before I enter into my audience with the Rebbe, let it be known that I support your Chabad House, and I have no interest in supporting any other Jewish – or for that matter, Chabad – causes."

He entered the Rebbe's study, and the Rebbe, of saintly memory, inquired about his family, the Jewish community where he lived, and similar things.

As he was leaving, the Rebbe turned to him: "Can I ask you to promise me that you will do one thing?"

Here it goes, thought the visitor, he wants my cash. He nodded grudgingly.

"Would you wear tzitzit every day?" the Rebbe asked.

The fringes known as tzitzit are attached to a four-cornered article of clothing, usually worn under one's shirt. The Divine precept to wear tzitzit is only applicable to a four-cornered garment. When one is not wearing such a garment, it is not compulsory to wear tzitzit, but our Sages encouraged that one wear such a garment at all times. Thus, a special line of fringed, poncho-like garments is produced today to be worn by Jewish men.

The Rebbe patiently explained to him the great merit of wearing the garment. He added: "It is an easy commandment to keep, for if you do not feel comfortable wearing tzitzit one day, you can remove it and wear it the next day."

The visitor was touched that the Rebbe took an interest in his spiritual life and not his financial capabilities.

He began to wear the fringes daily.