B'dikah: Examination or inspection

Chalaf: The instrument of surgical sharpness used to perform shechita.

Halachah: The body of Jewish law.

Halachic: In accordance with Halacha

Kosher: Correct, fit, appropriate, according to the laws of Judaism. E.g., kosher food.

Neveila: An animal that was not slaughtered by shechita.

Rabbi: A Jew trained and ordained for professional religious leadership, and qualified to expound and apply the halachah and other Jewish law.

Shechita: The Jewish religious humane method of slaughtering animals and poulrty for food.

Shochet (plural Shochtim): The person who performs shechita, qualified with a thorough knowledge of Jewish law, animal anatomy and pathology and licensed by both religious and civic authorities.

Torah: The source of all Jewish Teaching and Law, also referred to as the Law of Moses.

Treifa (plural treifos): Literally ’torn’, generally used to denote non-kosher food.

Tza'ar Ba'alei Chayim: The Jewish teaching that cruelty to animals diminishes man’s own ethical and moral standing and that it is contrary to Jewish Law to cause animals pain or distress.