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Bat Mitzvah In Depth

Essays and insights on reaching Jewish adulthood.

Can My Daughter Have a Real Bat Mitzvah?
A young woman can and should have a bat mitzvah, but it should be a bat mitzvah, not a bar mitzvah. As she is celebrating being a woman, not a man...
I Need Help with my Daughter's Bat Mitzvah Speech...
Unlike the common misconception that a bar or bat mitzvah signifies an end, or the graduation upon the successful completion of a bar or bat mitzvah lesson regimen, in truth it symbolizes a new beginning...
Bat Mitzvah for an Adult
I am a young adult woman, not affiliated with any branch of Judaism. I have heard of adults becoming bar/bat mitzvah and am enquiring whether this is possible with Chabad...
Get a Life!
“You get a comfortable salary, full health benefits, free daycare and spa privileges, 31 days annual paid vacation. You have no duties and responsibilities—you don’t even have to come to work.” Would you want this job?
Entering Adulthood
How can a 12 or 13 year old be considered an adult? What suddenly happens at age 12/13?
A 13-Year-Old Adult
Why does Judaism consider a 13-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl to be full-fledged adults? What is there to be gained from blatantly disregarding reality?
Don’t be fooled. Don’t fool others. Don’t fool yourself.
Is there any significance to
I've heard that studying the Torah portion that was read on the week of your birth can give you insight into your life. Is there any weight to this?
Living as a Bat Mitzvah
I want my daughter’s bat mitzvah to be a beautiful event. But more than that, I want and need her to know that this is not the end of anything; it is just the beginning...
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