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The Aliyah

The Torah Call-Up

Discover everything you need to know about being called up to the Torah. Videos, a step-by-step guide, and our interactive Blessing Trainer will help you prepare.

The Aliyah, Step by Step
The blessings, procedure and the much-awaited candy throw!
Torah Blessings Trainer
Learn to chant the blessings for the aliyah like a pro!
Learn to chant the blessings for the aliyah like a pro!
Torah Services
The synagogue public Torah reading: from when the ark is opened, through the actual reading and aliyot, until the Torah scroll is returned to its place.
Getting an Aliyah
Video | 2:40
Getting an Aliyah
What to do and which blessings to recite when called up for an aliyah at the Torah reading.
How to Get Called Up to the Torah
A clear explanation of the Torah Reading service in synagogue, how it works, and getting called up to the Torah for an aliyah.
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